…at least if you are Annikah it is. We are back from the ATL and visiting Justin and Annie. It was a great trip but traveling with a baby who refuses to sleep the entire plane ride even though the plane ride was scheduled for exactly her nap time and would rather A. climb all over Mama then Papa (repeat for 1 hour), B. spill and grab and destroy everything that IS NOT a toy, C. waves at everyone surrounding our seat until they acquiesce and acknowledged her curtness and respond with a wave or other similar comment about said cuteness, or D. All of the above. The answer is D- Anni was a complete rock star on the plane in that she did not cry at all on either trip but she would not sleep or remain calm either so needless to say it was a tiring trip for us trying to amuse an 11 month old who wanted to move around in a space 2 foot by 3 foot. The plane ride did have its’ high points like Annikah getting so slap happy that she laughed at anything Jason did- see video. I am too tired to write more but will update you soon with more exciting details of our travels. For now, hope this video makes you smile.

  1. Anonymous says:

    the video was cute – i love babies when they are in that mood. after taking luca on a plane at ages 3 and 10 months, i remember thinking that as long as their was no outright screaming involved, it was a success. hope the trip was great and that we can talk soon, love, annalea

  2. Anonymous says:

    hmm, now will she do that for a 24 hour plane ride to Africa? Very cute video

  3. Anonymous says:

    ! Is there anything better than belly laughter from a baby?!! Sooo cute!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Completely adorable and entertaining! She is really hilarious. I also have to say snaps to Jason — who is such a cute dad!