We spent the weekend and early week in Atlanta visiting Justin and Annie AKA JustAn(Jason’s younger sister and brother in law). Turns out they actually live just a few minutes away from where I lived in Atlanta when I taught for Americorps and it was weird to recognize everything. It was great to spend time with them and Anni loved bonding with Annie. We went to Stone Mountain and we were also sure to check out our favorite Southern indulgence: Chick Fil A (we actually ended up at the original Chick Fil A by accident and Anni tried her first fast food meal: it is all down hill from here!). Chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, and sweet tea (pronounced “teeh” I mean really does it get better than that?
We also loved getting tours of their neighborhood. Jason (who when I lived here said he did not like Atlanta all that much) actually commented what a cool city it is on the way home! JustAn converted him! On Monday Justin and Annie had to work so Jason and I decided to visit the King Center. We toured the museum, King’s birth home, Ebenezer Baptist Church, and his tomb. The last time I was there was as the leader of 48 middle school kids- much less stressful this time around. It was especially meaningful to take Annikah there. I realize the huge responsibility we have been given as her parents to educate her on the legacy of the past and enable her to feel empowered to change the future. I know, of course; she will have no specific memory of this place but I hope through her life she can grow to understand the courage of men like Dr. King.

On Tuesday Justin ditched work (shhh…don’t tell) and took us on a tour of downtown Atlanta before dropping us at the airport. We hit the famous Centennial Park, the CNN center, Five Points, and Underground Atlanta. In continuing our terrible eating habits (“we are on vacation” is our favorite excuse) we ended the ATL excursion with a trip to the Varsity and Jason devoured one of their chili cheese dogs & a bacon cheeseburger while I loved every minute of my terrible but oh so yummy cheese fries- what do you think the WW point value on that is? I prefer denial)! It was a blessed trip and a fun chance to get away and spend time Annie and Justin. Seeing the sights was fabulous and spending time in prayer together was awesome. I really have blessed in the family department: I always say even if we were not related we would be close friends. So, thank JustAn for a great trek to the ATL!


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