Today it happened….. Annikah’s first real injury (besides shots at the Dr’s office and the trauma of being born- that was pretty bad for both of us). I gotta say at least she goes BIG! No little head bumps or face plants for my baby. No, she fell off the kitchen counter. The scene: she was happily sitting in her BUMBO seat on the counter (ok, I know, it clearly states on the box that you should never do this but almost every Mom I know has done it). I was getting lunch ready for both of us, the entire time never more than a foot away from her. She was amusing herself by grabbing and then dropping everything in her reach while I rushed around. I cut some grapes and filled her tray with finger foods. In one hand I grabbed her highchair tray and in the other I had my lunch as I walked past Anni to set everything down on the table. In that instant she lurched forward and turned in an attempt to grab the food and then it happened. She propelled her little self off the counter onto the floor. I saw it is slow motion out of the corner of my eye and at first thought she has launched yet another item onto the floor. When I realized it was Anni I still had both hands full. I dropped everything and ran but I missed her and she thudded on the floor. It was so sad. Her little face looked at me and her eyes swelled with tears as if to say “why, Mama, did you do this irresponsible thing? Why didn’t you save me from myself? Isn’t that your job?” I was heartbroken. She cried for just a minute once I held her and was back to chowing down her lunch a few minutes later but I was still shook up.

I called Jason at work for comfort and his first statement was “what if she has a brain bleed?” That really makes you feel better let me tell you. I then hit a full on panic and decided to call our pediatrician (who we are seeing tomorrow for an ear recheck). She said not to worry unless she was very tired or appeared not to be herself but she was fabulously cute and besides the bump on her head was her adorable self. The doctor also added “honey, don’t worry it happens to everyone.” Even if she was lying I appreciated the vote of confidence as I felt sure Jason was dialing DCFS from work and if I ever wanted to see Anni again we may have to go on the run. I still feel terrible but she recovered like a champ and seems to have completely forgotten and forgiven me for my gross inadequacies (it seems with me as a mother she may have to get used to this (the forgiving, hopefully not the plummeting from high surfaces). So, that is my story of being the worst Mom ever…letting my precious baby tumble 4 feet onto a hard kitchen floor…… that one!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You bounced off your changing table to the floor below at a much younger age than Anni. So did Rob. I too felt like the worst Mom ever, but you are both okay, and so will Anni!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You need to cease and dissist with all references to “Worst mama” or “Worst mom” or any variation of as such titles have a copyright protection and are reserved for usage only by Stan and myself. This is a pun that I get since it is in fact the legal name I have so stupidly agreed to but was promised all humorous references. We’ll let this incident go with a warning but should such a title ever need to be referenced again (which I highly doubt because you are an extremely capable, loving, and wonderful parent) please select a new adjective such as terrible, horrific, unfit, bad, etc. P.S. she does infact look like a weeble and she does her mother’s dancing with her tounge hanging out and I love it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I love husbands/dads. “What if she has a brain bleed?” That CRACKED me up. I laughed out loud at work because I could just imagine Andy asking me the same thing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    oh, poor sweet girl. and also, poor anni! no, but seriously–i’m so sorry that happened to you, rox. I’m sure by now anni has no idea it ever happened…i think at this age, the minor bumps and bruises are harder on the parents (says the mama who’s ten month old has already had two bloody noses). and I’m so glad you have a pediatrician who is willing to assure you not only about anni, but about yourself. that’s so great!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Roxanne- remember when Gilly rolled off the changing table? I feel for you, and I’m so sorry. It is scary when that happens, and you are upset enough without your husband’s reaction! Just know he was worried too. (Sean also stays home with G, so when it happened to us he understood how easily it could have been him that turned away for three seconds-if you’re not always in that situation you wouldn’t understand how easy it is to have something happen). I am glad Anni is ok!