Jason already got Annikah her birthday present. I know it is a little early but I guess we figured she has no clue when her birthday is anyway. After visiting Jorie and Mark and watching Anni memorized by Silas’s “Weeble Treehouse” Jason was on a mission to get one or something similarly “weeble-licious”. In typical JaRox fashion actually paying retail was out of the question and so began our search on-line for a cheap one. Jason bid on a few on Ebay and watched them religiously until the time ticked down (beware those last minute Ebay bidders, I hate those folks who bid at the last second when I have been biding and wanting the thing for a week. Ok, I know “that is how Ebay works” and if you are one of those people I apologize but still secretly judge you :)). Jason was so pumped when we won! We paid less that half retail for the super deluxe, obscenely large “Weebalot Castle.” About 5 days later our big package arrived and we were definitely more excited than Annikah. Since most of Anni’s toys are hand me downs (which is our favorite because they are free) we enjoyed picking something out for her. We finally put the needed batteries in yesterday and now she really loves the spinning dance floor for the Weebles. She dances along with them while launching them down the slide: fun times! She does love her Weeble castle I gotta say. Perhaps it is because she looks sort of like a Weeble (cute, bottom heavy, doesn’t get around too well, except when she wobbles she sometimes falls down). This resemblance occurred to me today when we were outside in our front yard enjoying the warm weather. I will allow you to judge for yourself (the weeble is on the left in case you got confused).



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