This is my 100th post…I feel as though I should commemorate it somehow. I shall dance. Feel free to join me where you are cuz everyone loves a reason to do a little ditty. Seriously, who knew I had so much to say (ok, besides my poor husband). It has been awesome to write and reflect and share: Thanks for humoring me and reading.
It was a brilliantly beautiful cooler than usual weekend. We spent Saturday night with some great friends from our old stompin’ ground Champaign-Urbana. Jason and Melanie are amazing people and although we do not get to see each other often we always manage to catch up, tell stories, and get in interesting political and religious discussions. On Saturday we also had Anni’s 9 month check up (I know for all those keeping track she is actually 10 months but we had to reschedule her appointment 3 times). She has another ear infection, poor baby. It does not seem to phase her really but we hope she gets better soon. We also took her back to her favorite spot: the lake and again she insisted on going in, clothes and all. When we got home I scooped about a 1/2 cup of sand out of her diaper. Soon she will get to go in Lake Geneva when we visit my family on the 4th. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays (not really because of the historical part although we should really be celebrating the 2nd of July as that is the day the declaration was really signed or perhaps even more memorable events that occurred on the 4th itself like the Union victory after the siege of Vicksburg in 1863, I digress…). But mostly because it means eating tons of cook out food, seeing family and friends, and being outside in fabulously hot weather. As an added bonus it is our anniversary (6 years) this coming Saturday and we have a fun date planned!*

*You will have to come back to hear all (well, not all) just some of the juicy details.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on 6 YEARS of marriage!!! YAY! We also love the 4th for the same reasons…it’s a day to just chill with the people you love. We Americans don’t make much time for that, but a few times a year that is the point!Anni playing in the waves is probably the cutest video ever!! (Oh, and even though we’re not rich, we can probably manage a trip out on a rented sail boat if you’re interested!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    we are sooo interested! we shall have to plan something soon. We have always said it is a crime we live here and have never been out on a boat in the lake- maybe the boys can plan….

  3. Anonymous says:

    have fun on the fourth – i am a leetle jeolous šŸ™‚ – also congrats on the anniversary – have a good time šŸ˜‰