I am officially training to run the Chicago Marathon this year. I just concluded the 4th week of training and I now finally feel like I am really doing this! Crazy maybe, but I really feel that I need a measurable goal. Being a Mama is amazing and truly a blessing as I get to see Annikah grow and change and learn and discover everyday. For me; though, I have realized that I miss having a goal with a set timetable and a definable beginning and end. Now, we obviously have huge goals for raising Annikah but the measurable part is what I am craving. When I was a teacher there was always the end of the school year, when I was a ministry leader there was always the end of a big event but with Anni it seems like I cannot always see the results of my hard work. I know that the rewards are in her little being, that she is thriving and so much fun right now but for me I decided I need to push myself in a different way, to not lose who I am apart from Annikah’s mother. I am following Hal Higdon’s training program (I followed this religiously back in 2003 the first time I ran the marathon). This time I have to be a bit more laid back about following everything as motherhood demands. So, I am officially running the marathon again. I ran 9 miles this Saturday and although it was tough (the longest I have run since being pregnant) it felt so great! I ran along the lakefront path with the mile markers guiding my progress along with many other would-be marathoners. One step in front of the other is what it takes. Pushing myself physically really helps me connect to who I am. I still do not think of myself as a “runner.” It may be hard for some to understand (like my hubby who only runs when chased šŸ™‚ but I am excited about my new goal. So, if you are not busy October 7th come out and cheer me on (if you have never been to the marathon I highly recommend it, it is inspiring and fun).
So, 26.2 here i come again! Every one of those miles is measurable and I will cross the finish line!

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    Also, meant to include this:If any women out there are insterested in your own measurable goal a bunch of Moms I know are all running the Women’s Run (5k or 10k) July 29th: see details:http://www.fleetfeetchicago.com/htm/events_races_womens.aspIf you are interested in joining us let me know!

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    you rock. I will be cheering you on šŸ™‚

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    okay – so let me repost this. i am so proud of you. the first time around and that you are going for it again. it is so great to do this for yourself and your family. maybe one day anni will even be impressed.

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    Remember when I was going to try and train with you to run a marathon? Are you still laughing at that thought?? I know I am…:)

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    that’s fabulous! i’m super impressed. if i were going to be in town, i’d totally run the 5K in july–let me know if you’re going to do any others in the future.

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    Your posted message about running the Chicago Marathon caught my eye. Since you’ve run it before, you know the challenge and reward you’re in for. I’ve run it many times as well as other marathons, and I consider Chicago the best marathon in the world. Great course, great organization, amazing crowd support, etc.I have family that lives in Rogers Park, near Howard & Western. What a great neighborhood.Stop by our blog site where I’ve been and will continue to post about the Chicago Marathon. http://blog.runnerslounge.comMy running friend, Amy, also posts there and has good insights about being a running mom. Best wishes to you and keep up your good running.Tom