This weekend has been busy! On Saturday Jason and I volunteered as “gate keepers” at MidsommarFest in Andersonville (an aside, gate keepers always reminds me of ghost busters- you know when that Gozer thing has Zuul as the gatekeeper- am I the only one?). Sorry so random, it was fun but super crowded due to the fabulous weather. Sunday morning before going to church it seemed like an entire day had passed (it usually seems like that when your baby wakes up at 5am and will not be persuaded to return to sleep even when you so kindly allow them into your bed and then all they proceed to do is pick your nose for 20 minutes). When 10am rolls around we have already been up for 5 hours! A high point of this early rising was that we took Anni down to the lakefront and we were the only people there except this mysterious guy putting up these huge flags. We have often seen these flags and wondered what the represented. When we asked the lifeguards in the past they said they had no idea either as they were there when they arrived. It was a mystery until today: Jason met met Bruce who explained that he lives most of the year in Bali and Nepal and puts the flags up from those countries. I kid you not here was Jason’s quote about this new discovery: “I am such a sleuth, I feel like Nancy Drew!”

We headed to church and the Gospel group “The Deliverance Singers” performed and then most of us followed them out to the center stage at MSF. As we were walking out of church I noticed the stroller parking lot in the foyer and had to snap a picture. This is a common sight at a church who had over 25 babies born in the last year. I love me some good Gospel music and apparently so does Anni. She and her cohorts in crime loved dancing! I got some cute pictures of our friend Jim and his little boy Jason’s matching sandals, Anni stealing our friend Kate’s glasses, and Anni sporting her L stop shirt next with her future hubby Joshua (oh yeah, Laura and Jason are in the picture too). After hanging out at MSF for a bit we headed home and Jason’s good friend Jeff from elementary school came by with his wife Kerry and their son Caleb. Jeff was in our wedding and Jason was in his. We wanted to take a picture of Jeff with Caleb and Jason holding Anni but alas naps made it impossible so Jeff and his genius graphic design skills are going to work some photoshop magic- look for the picture soon šŸ™‚ They are moving to Colorado so we wanted the babies to meet and see each other before they headed out. We grabbed lunch and hit the beach and park and discussed how crazy it is that we now have our own babies!
Summer festivals and friends are what summer is all about in Chicago!
  1. Anonymous says:

    i love hearing about your fun city experiences – especially going down to the lake and the interesting people you guys meet. it almost makes me want to live there – but i like my central illinois life for now. love ya and can’t wait to see you so soon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    early morning walks are the BEST. the best time to get there is before the lifeguards…there are dogs, and Very Vigorous Elderly people, doing morning exercises, and such beautiful water, always. Love your photos…hope midsommerfest was great, we were sorry to miss it!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhhh!!! These days are what I dream about in January and February! What a fabulous weekend! Isn’t it GREAT how much simpler dressing babies is in the summer!?! (and I have fantasized about taking G to that fountain with the faces since before she was born-I have to get on out there!). Great pics!