Our fabulous friend Aditi had Annikah and I over today to teach us how to make Indian food-Yummy or Accha (good in Hindi)! Aditi is the wife of one of Jason’s co-workers, Giri, and since she and I were both “at home” our hubbies decided to hook us up and we became fast friends.
We love to chat about the differences and similarities between India and America. I had her over a few months back (she took the L in the freezing weather so she gets mad props). I was supposed to show her how to make “American” food except for that I really never cook much that is distinctly American. In fact, as far as I am concerned one of the best things about living here is that we have managed to rip off almost every other type of food. So, that day we made Greek chicken Kabobs and Tzatziki. Today we made Butter chicken which is all together scrumptious (although not low fat) and my favorite Indian dish Spinach Paneer. I actually think after a trip to Devon Ave. I can replicate these dishes- Thanks Aditi!! I also got to see pictures from her brother’s recent wedding in India. It was a 3 day affair and the pictures were amazing!! Giri and Aditi are now loving Chicago (and we were sure to tell them it gets even better in the summer) but they still insist that there is no good food here. A declaration that Jason and I are horrified by as we both would be 500 pounds if budgets and time (and ok health) were non-issues. We hope they will join us next week at our favorite Mexican joint where we can force feed them!

Since Aditi & Giri live right downtown (with a view from the 27th floor) Jason walked over after work and we decided it was plain sinful to just go home when the weather was so gorgeous. So we headed down to Millennium Park and Anni took her first trip to “the bean” and she also loved “walking” in the fountain. We then came home and enjoyed our butter chicken and paneer (well Anni had peas and watermelon). ACCHA!



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