OK, so you ever have one of those not terrible enough to warrant any real sympathy or melt downs but just enough to be yucky, just want it to be over, bad days. Bad like you cannot wait to go to sleep so that it is over cuz you are afraid some weird black cloud is following you and pretty soon something really tragic will happen.
I had that day today. Now my HUGE caveat here is that no one was hurt or even emotionally scarred from today and I really have no cause for complaint as God is good to me. Really good!

But I feel as a write and purge my outlook will improve. I just need to cast out my bad vibes into cyberspace and hope good ones will replace them.
First thing this morning as Anni and I geared up for our morning jog we headed out our front door only to find a dead bird. No apparent “cause of death.” He looked fine except for the one teeny tiny fact that he was in fact dead and laying right in the middle of our front walk way.
I should have known then…..
Halfway thru our run Anni started to freak out and cry. Now we were half way thru so I was in fact at the furthest point from our house that we go with nothing to calm her except my boobs which were at this point sweaty and not making an appearance on the lakefront (I have gotten rather caviler about going out of the house without Anni’s bag-o-gear and all I take running with us is my phone and my keys). I turned us around and we headed home but her protests continued. I guess I should not be to surprised as she seems to be having a visit from the evil teething fairy again this week and has pretty much hated life. We got home and Anni took a nap. After she awoke we waited for the contractor from the building next door (during this long renovation they damaged our brand new windows and we have been trying to get them to fix them for months). He said he would be there at 9:30am. 9:45am…no guy…10:00am…. no guy……10:30am… no guy. Finally, at 10:55 he called and said he could not make it and we were off to run errands.
I buckled Anni in and opened the garage door to a huge couch blocking our door so pulling out was not possible. When I got out in an attempt to move it I realized that someone was sleeping on the couch! He was nice and helped me move it out of the way and Anni just couldn’t resist crying because I left her for 30 seconds. We were off. Our second stop (after getting a baby pool- yeah,anyone with bambinos in the neighborhood read COME OVER and PLAY here!) brought us to Jiffy Lube to have the air conditioning in my Blazer recharged (the ride back from Lake Geneva was not much fun with no air so I talked Jason into letting me get it fixed asap). After waiting 45 minutes in the Jiffy Lube and exhausting everything that Anni could play with, chew on, and throw on the floor in my purse the Jiffy Lube guy said there was some hole in our line and he could not fix it but would be happy to still charge me 30 bucks to let me know this. As I walked in to pay this fee I felt something really warm on my shirt and shorts. Yep, you guessed it Annikah peed thru her diaper all over herself & me. When we finally got home and changed I made her lunch. As I was putting the food back in the fridge I dropped the cup of peaches all over my leg, pants, floor, and refrigerator. More fun for me.
Anni still hating life (or at least playing on the floor) was not having any of it. I decided to take her to the park and swing until her afternoon nap. I hoisted her on my back and we got to the park opened the big black gate just in time for it to start raining. I thought we may get a few swings in but is started to pour on us. I proceeded to run home with Anni in the backpack. We then headed off to run one more errand. I needed to go to a craft store to get a few things for a project I am leading for my Mom’s Group. Of course it was still pouring but I thought if I do not go today I have to go Saturday and I hate running errands on the weekend when everyone else is doing them. Bad call. The drive usually takes us about 20 minutes. About 45 minutes in and almost there I turned back. Anni was screaming in the back seat and I was out of Cheerios. The traffic was at a stand still. I just could not deal so we came back home. As we pulled back into our alley I saw that yet again I could not pull into my garage as a purple van was parked right in front. As Anni screamed in her seat I desperately searched around in the pouring rain for the violator of the unwritten parking rule. (if you park your car in an alley for loading, etc you must be “findable” especially if you are blocking someones garage). I found the culprit and we were finally home accomplishing nothing. ARGH. So you see nothing was terribly bad by itself but strung together in succession it was just annoying.
So all this say that I should have taken the dead bird as an omen. Here’s to tomorrow: a new day.
post script…
Also, I got a call from my mom and she was experiencing a similar upsetting day with highlights including a neighbor stabbing her in the back and then chasing her crazy dog who was swimming after a duck in the lake (a kind stranger actually let her use his boat and they had to put a fishing net over the dog to rescue her). My sister also had a friend write some hurtful things sort of aimed at her in the school newspaper today. Katy, girl just look at it this way – you are DONE with high school stuff! Yeah!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry the day was so hard, Rox!! Here’s to always looking forward to a better tomorrow šŸ˜›

  2. Anonymous says:

    One other funny thing I had to include. After getting ready for bed J and I lied down tired and ready to pass out! The omen followed us as our neighbors upstairs must have suddenly been struck with a bout of deafness. They had their TV turned up so loud that we could hear everything. They were watching some movie that was apparently very dramatic with huge swells of music. J and I just laughed & laughed until we finally fell asleep. To funny!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was able to get Anni some hot pink “fake” crocks after our talk and prayer. Thanks. Hope today is better for all of us. I felt like curling up in bed like being in a cocoon, but grass has to be cut and the house clean, and taxes paid, so I’m up and facing life again.:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey girl: YAY VENTING! as one of your sister rpms, i say: IT IS OKAY TO VENT! Also, I love you, and am particularly sorry about the spilled peaches right after the leaky diaper, because i am always doing crap like that and it is just…so demoralizing. Anne Shirley said that each day is a brand new day with no mistakes in it yet. sometimes i wake up and think: today is a day with nothing spilled in it yet. oy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    okay, i’ve never had a whole day like that, but once last summer (when persis was her most freak out-able) i decided to drive to lush and buy soap, which happened to be in an eastern suburb so i had to drive over one of two bridges (across lake washington) to get there. unfortunately i had forgotten about seattle’s air & water show. one of the bridges was closed for the blue angels fly-over, so the only open bridge was PACKED–no one moving. after missing my exit and inching along, i decided to turn around and inch back into the city. two hours of nothing!! my only saving grace was that persis fell asleep, and i got to watch the blue angels as i sat on the highway. here’s to sanctifying days. love you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    okay so hurray to it being over – i am just amazed that you kept on trecking and continued to go on with the day. sometimes, that is a day when i say, “allright we are done with all plans and we will have frozen pizza for dinner.” yeah for the pool though – and since you have posted pics of her in it since i have to say she is so adorable in it. i love you and miss you! gia just gave me a big smile from across the room and doesn’t that make it all better sometimes (sometimes is the key word – sometimes i still want to cry even as i say, “yes i know you are so cute,but i am tired.”