I really do not have the words to express anything remotely meaningful about yesterday’s tragedy at Virginia Tech. I do know that I prayed for the families today and for any kids out there that feel so isolated and unloved that they would resort to such drastic and extreme violence. What struck me in a powerful way is that all the kids who died are someones son or daughter. This has new meaning to me now. I pray that those that are profoundly effected will find some peace amidst their grief.

  1. Anonymous says:

    This morning, listening to NPR talk a little about some of the victims, I had a wave of sadness thinking, particularly, about the parents of the perpetrator of these crimes. Maybe they were terrible parents–maybe they abused or neglected their son, and that is part of why he did these terrible things. But I suspect that they were parents who did their best–and that they love their son, and they are trying to grieve his death in a world that hates him. It must be so awful for them. what a lot of sadness. sigh. you are right when you say that motherhood really does seem to make a girl more empathetic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Sarah. I have a profound amount of empathy for the perpetrators parents. It must be a nightmare for them and all the other families affected

  3. Mark says:

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