We could not resist the weather and were outside as much as possible today- it was 75 degrees!!! We met some friends at the park that have a little girl who is 3 months older than Annikah. On the way we saw 3 people and families we know. This is why I love where we live. It is a big city but feels so small when you are cruising down the lakefront and someone yells your name. I feel blessed to know so many amazing people. Annikah and Charlotte love their daddies and had fun poking each other. Anni felt grass for the first time. Other highlights included a couple walking past Anni and remarking that she was the coolest baby they had ever seen (all due to her ridiculous sunglasses that we thought she would never wear but actually keep the sun and wind out of eyes and she apparently digs them) and a woman commenting that Annikah was “so little.” She even asked “is that a newborn?” Now our baby is many things but at almost 20 pounds “little” is NOT one of them. Thought I would share some fun pics of our frolicking by the lake. Ah, spring makes me happy!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    20 pounds?? Man, she could totally give Elliot a beat-down.

  2. Anonymous says:

    so i am reading your old blogs since i can’t sleep and am not feeling good – don’t you feel special. i love that pic of you an d anni with the blue. you look so young -like mid-teens. it is beautiful.