For me one of the funnest things about being a Mom is getting to see your child explore her world. Everything is new and fabulous (or detestable as the case may be). Jason loves when she is playing and catches a glimpse of her hands. She can stare at them for a few minutes looking at them in awe and wiggling her little chubby fingers like she has never seen something so profound. I think her hands are pretty marvelous as well, so intricate, so clumsy yet so precise at times. My favorite time is to lay on our bed with Anni. We do this ritual daily and everyday she loves to explore my face. She laughs and talks to me as if I understand everything she says all the while sticking her fingers up my nose, grabbing my cheeks, pulling my hair, and touching my eyelids. I know one day I’ll have to teach her that this is not the way you converse with someone but for now I am as enthralled as she is by her daily discoveries.

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