Babies are so resilient and forgiving and for this I am grateful. Last night after much discussion we decided to try “sleep training.” Annikah was a pretty good sleeper only getting up once for a while but after a few trips, a cold, and teething (see post teething sucks) she was starting to get up around 3 times a night and it was affecting her personality during the day(needless to say mine as well). So after re-reading the “Healthy Sleep Habits Book” and consulting with many other moms we decided we better start making her sleep thru the night. We defined thru the night as 11pm until 5am without eating. We geared up and last night tried to “let her cry it out.” I hate that term because really what is “it”? “It” is the fact that I am all alone in a dark room and I want to get out of here and get me a booby! I do not think “it” is easy to get over but we tried because like many moms I realized I have not slept consecutively for more than 3 hours in 7 months. At around 2:50 am she woke up and Jason went in to calm her without feeding her and put her back to sleep. She was not having it. She basically told him “bring me the lady with the boobs and get out!” in so many cries. So we sat in our room and prayed she would go back to sleep. 5 minutes felt like 5 hours and it turned into 40 minutes which felt like waiting in line at the DMV in Chicago (useless and frustrating and makes you want to cry). She finally conceded and went back to sleep. At 5:30am she woke again and I went in to get her and feed her only to discover she had pooped EVERYWHERE! It was thru her diaper, on her PJ’s up to her neck(really how does that happen?), on her sheets, everywhere. I felt horrible and thus have decided to award myself the WORST MOM OF THE MILLENNA! award for allowing my daughter to cry while covered in poop! Lucky for me she is very forgiving and this video was shot after we fumigated the room and her. She clearly tells us what she thinks of sleeping thru the night but offers a wet kiss to show she forgives me! Thank you Annikah!



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