well, mini-zoo anyway(it wants to be a zoo when it grows up). Annikah and I went out to the burbs today to visit Grandma Rohrback and we took advantage of the SUMMER like weather by going to a little petting zoo called Cosley. I have memories taking my little sister there in the summers so it was fun to return with my baby (kind of surreal as well since most days I still feel like a kid). She loved being outside and looking at the animals, well some of them. Here is Anni’s review of the farm life she viewed. Cows: pretty cool, they mostly just sat there smelling funky (so Anni could relate). Ducks: they made lots of splashing noises and had these weird tufts of hair on their heads. Rabbits: They were really interesting to watch as they moved around a ton, it was hard to keep up with them. Horse: Grandma held Annikah up right by the horse and quite frankly it freaked her out, after the trauma of that she enjoyed looking at Mr. horse from afar. Goats: They were quite busy, going in and out of the barn and keeping us running back and forth to see them. It was the bureaucratic busy, you know busy but not really accomplishing anything. When we finally got a view the two that were closest to us proceeded to take a dump right by Anni’s face. You would think this would affect her feelings about the goats but seemed all right with it. Her favorite animals by far were the little cartoon ones in the board book Grandma brought her (because Grandma can never resist the urge to buy something for Anni) . See pictorial proof that her favorite page was the MONKEY page!!
It was another beautiful day so any where outside was amazing. As I said yesterday: take a Zoloft OR go outside: same effect on your emotional state of being šŸ™‚
  1. Anonymous says:

    Grandma had so much fun taking little Anni to her first zoo! My life often seems like a zoo, but when I take time from my busy day to show her a new animal for the first time, it really opens your eyes to God’s grace. Grammy R.