Be afraid… well not really. We are pretty friendly but mess with our kids and we will throw our latte on you šŸ™‚

To celebrate the glorious weather the RPM (Rogers Park Moms and Anni’s hommies) decided to meet up to go for walk to the lake on Monday. One of the Moms remarked that we looked like a stroller gang. I thought I would lay down some “rules” if you will for this gang:
1. You must have a baby (preferably one that keeps you guessing at every turn, never allows sleep more than 2 nights in a row, goes from happy and smiling to screaming in horror all within 60 seconds, and is adorable) Ok, so a baby!
2. You must live in the Rogers Park neighborhood complete with its fabulous and shady parts and be willing to trek thru them in a proud band of mamas. You must brave the cracks in the sidewalks, sand in your stroller tires, and mud on your shoes.
3. You must be fully equipped for “war” at any moment: this means at all times carrying your boobs (should not be a problem), a diaper bag filled to the brim with everything needed to meet any challenge such as a massive blow out with ease and grace.
4. You must be willing to openly admit that sometimes you just have no idea what you are doing in this mommy gig but without a doubt you love that lil’ chubber and would throw yourself in front of the next CTA bus that drove by to save her/him. We will problem solve and put you into check together!
We tried to come up with an initiation to our gang:You must be able to change a diaper in less than 20 seconds on the street while holding your latte and talking on the cell phone.

So, if you are out and about in Chicago…beware the RPM’ers… we will mess you up unless you stop to remark how exquisitely beautiful our babes are!

  1. Anonymous says:

    dude, i love it. it’s funny how mama gangs are totally POWERFUL and cutting across traffic and all up in everyone’s grill, being like: “what? are you going to try and run down a gang of MAMAS???? I don’t THINK so.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, so articulate and universal. Living in a neighborhood that became “unaffordable” to us just after we moved in here, I don’t have a neighborhood mommy posee of my own. But I do just fine on my own. Case and point – While trying to cross Lincoln Avenue, I was barraged with a bunch of right-turners failing to yeild to not one but three pedistrians (me and my two kids in a double stroller). After waiting patiently I got aggravated and simply put my arm in the air and yelled stop!!!! Oh yeah, they stopped. Just after I crossed, a friend from church was driving by, noticed me and asked for directions somewhere. I was so glad I didn’t curse (out loud) whiel stopping traffic! I think the RPMers need to come to by neighborhood for a little “trainin’ program” Snort!