So i think “the Watcher” was the name of some creepy made for TV movie I saw when I was little that really freaked me out. From what I remember it was about this old lady who watched kids from her window all day. They had no idea they were being watched that is until she had to come out to tell them something of monumental importance. Of course I cannot remember what that was; all that stuck with me was the creepy lady watching them. I thought of it today while Annikah insisted that we do one of her favorite activities. That makes it sound too laid back, obsession is what it really is. She LOVES to sit in our front room and watch out the window. She will not do anything else for as long as the window will hold her attention (I think she has my ADD). She intently watches the people running to catch the El, the cars trying to parallel park into too small spaces, the people walking their dogs, and the El cars rumbling by (this is by far her favorite as she can hear it even if we are in another room- her love of public transit brings joy to her papa). She loves watching these daily festivities unfold. Jason and I noticed from when she was just a few months old that she really watches and observes things around her. Her window watching also includes my narration of the events. I tell stories about the people… “Look Anni he has his overpriced latte now he has to hurry to make it to work on time without spilling” “Anni see the pretty lady with her dog? Do you know what kind of dog that is? That is right a Welsh Corgi” “That red van is going fast- that is what car you have to buy when you have 2 kids, it is like a weird rule or right of passage”
She listens with a sort of shock and awe like I am a politician telling the truth. If I try to stop my narration and say slip a book on my lap to read while she continues her gazing she is having none of it. She quickly puts an end to any such thoughts and refocuses my attention on describing the snap shot of the world rushing by outside. As we watch I think about how much is new to her and how many things she learns each day just by watching. I think I would learn more if I took cues from my “watcher” and really try to see people. I pray that as she grows she does more than look but truly sees people for who they are and desires to impact those around her!

This picture sums it up- when I look at it it is kinda sad, she looks like she is in a jailhouse longing for freedom! I tell her I sympathize what with the winter blues but we should see some warmer weather soon or we are taking our window watching elsewhere!

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    I love her bald little head and hand!Great composition!