We are so excited for our first episode of “Your Entrepreneurship Hype Squad.”

One of the things that fires me up is women supporting & encouraging other women in business. Annalea Hart & I are partnering to bring you what we wish we had when we started our businesses. You do not have to be an entrepreneur to benefit but if you have a small business or even just a nudging or dream that you want to pursue come and hang out. You will learn and be inspired by our amazing first guest Janay Wilborn.

None of us have arrived or know everything about business but that is the whole point we went to share knowledge, laughs, encouragement, hard lessons learned, and wisdom along the journey.

If you are all about encouragement & challenge & being FOR other women listen in!

  1. I love this and I would love to part of the next one!

  2. Anonymous says:

    […] more? Listen to Episode 1 with Janay & let’s […]

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