First Day of school 2020: Looks A LOT different than usual! Many of us are dealing with increased demands, anxiety, worry, & overwhelm to name a few. We are doing school differently and it is hard.  I am with you. I have moments of peace knowing we can roll with whatever this year brings and moments of breaking down and crying (usually involving links that I cannot for the life of me get to work, grief over the time I used to have to work, & multiple kids needing me at once).  I am a mess about all of it. I drove through the “Meet your Teacher” line at our elementary school and then had to pull over and cry because I could not drive.  It is because I saw all these amazing educators that build into and love our kids so well and WE MISS THEM IRL! I count it such a blessing we love our schools so much and that is why remote learning feels like such a loss.  We are trying to rally. The teachers have been amazing and even through zoom are making the kids smile.  Yes, we can do this- and whatever THAT look like for your family grace to you! We need to support and encourage one another- I am here for that! 

Evy had the brilliant idea that for 1st Day of School pics they should wear something they could never wear if school was in person and we fully embraced the WEIRD (it is our way).

Absolutely LOVE these pics (and I also bribed them to take the other set of more normal pics too 🙂  

1st Grade

 3rd Grade

5th Grade and Evy is my actual mood #nailedit
Freshman Year!
1st Grade
although this adequately sums up most of his first day trying to pay attention online:
3rd Grade
5th Grade
9th Grade- HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!
Love these 4- they will learn a lot this year- hopefully resilience!!

Happy Back to School friends- whatever that looks like in these strange time we find ourselves. If you need support reach out- I will need it too!!

Love to you,