There is a lot of unknown right now. Do you feel it too? .
We had family worship today & prayed together. We talked about what we are afraid of & asked what we think God might be doing in this season. .

š™’š™š š™˜š™¤š™£š™£š™šš™˜š™©š™šš™™. We reminded each other that nothing is unknown to God & that He is faithful. We thanked Him for this time. Because if I know anything to be be true it is this:
š‘®š’“š’‚š’•š’Šš’•š’–š’…š’† š’„š’‰š’‚š’š’ˆš’†š’” š’–š’”.
š‘µš’š’•š’‰š’Šš’š’ˆ š’Šš’” š’˜š’‚š’”š’•š’†š’….
Blessings friends.



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