Travel is my primary love language. I adore exploring & learning & eating.  And for me travel is the BEST way to experience this wide world. Puerto Rico was amazing.

Gorgeous place, kind people, fabulous food, & adventures with a dear friend. We explored Old San Juan, ate ALL the things (mofongo!), had local coffee, talked for hours without kid interruptions, drove some pretty windy roads, we ate rice & beans at least once a day with plenty of homemade hot sauce & THE best coconut mojitos, we zip-lined The Beast, walked through the rain forest, sat ourselves at the beach, swam in the ocean, kayaked at night through a bio-luminescent bay (where we were nearly impaled with sticks and I laughed so hard I peed in the kayak #thathappened), photographed & captured stories for Friends of Puerto Rico & met some kind families & kids. We laughed so hard our faces hurt & cried sharing our stories.  We had space & time as busy mamas that we usually don’t have- because our lives are vibrantly full of family &THAT is amazing too. Plus, we are still friends- Love 💕 you Dana (& it will stay that way because I have blackmail pics! 
Old San Juan
Images from Old San Juan
Nope. Never
Mofongo is SO GOOD!! 
How Dana feels about birds…..
I *might* have pulled over a few times because the colors of murals are my complete JAM! I am obsessed with color! 
When you run out of chips you just freakin’ eat the hot sauce plain!! I have NO SHAME people! 
60 mph zip lining- and the car ride there was actually the dangerous part 🙂

I’m definitely a little nuts to zipline with my camera but… #worthit

The beach is my aesthetic.  Luquillo Beach was beautiful! 

Kayaking from 8-10pm meant we got ZERO pics of the amazing bio-luminescent bay but it was so cool!! We also COULD NOT stop laughing and definitely were nearly impaled by sticks multiple times because our kayaking at night skills are not that great. 
Lote 23: Great night food truck location if you are willing to go out of the tourist area. 

It was such a blast partnering with Friends of Puerto Rico.  See more of the story over at Hawa Images here. 

Local beach in Hatillo
Love you Dana- it was a blast to explore together!
The murals and art work in Old San Juan inspired many questions and much awe.

Where should we explore next? Got any travel plans you are excited about?
See the world friends. I am never sorry I was curious. 



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