Neighbors became friends became family.  These kids have been dear friends for 6 years.  We were born in different countries, have different cultures values, have different faith stories and that has made our journey rich and so precious to me.  God knew I needed Swapna as a dear friend when I moved to this new community. As we were practicing for the girl’s dance for the temple celebration we started watching old home videos and I just could not believe how little the kids were. They invited us to celebrate Pongal with them again this year and we spent weeks preparing a dance for the variety show. It is so gracious that they welcome us to be a part of the festivities. As we tell the kids so often it is a gift to be invited into spaces where you are only a learner. 

The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

Evy entered the drawing competition

the cooking competition

the theme this year was to reduce our use of plastic and people were invited to reuse plastic in creative ways- this doll house was awesome!

All the kids doing the fashion show
 I am constantly humbled & so grateful for these invitations to participate with other cultures and faiths and to share in celebrations together. 
Being a guest was such a blessing to us,


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