I was intimidated by the cheerleaders when I was in school. I knew I did not look like them and I felt on the outside.  I wonder now how much of that was actually true or how much more I assumed I was unwanted. So many of our decisions can be ruled by assumptions rather than actual personal knowledge.  I’m grateful I am constantly learning from young people.

Our littles go to many of their older sister’s games & Rayne always loves watching the cheerleaders.  The cheerleaders know our family and they welcome her with hugs and high fives when she comes over to say “Hi.” They go out of their way to give hugs and be kind to her when they could focus on their squad or just their friends.  Mrs. P is the cheer coach and noticed Rayne staring at the squad during one of the many basketball games we attend to cheer on her older sister. She came and sat next to Rayne and asked if she wanted her own pom poms to cheer alongside of them.  Rayne’s face lit up and she jumped into action. It reminded me of the power of extending an invitation. It is one of the many reasons I love this small community in which we live.  We did not win a game yet this season but there is a community that invites and welcomes. We watch Anni play basketball and Rayne cheers along side some kind young ladies that choose including over excluding; and to me, THAT is winning. 

Friends, cheering you on this week, 


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