One of our favorite days of the year- Wicked West Fest festivities this weekend. Monster Mile for our school (Evy came in 2nd place for her grade & all the kids did great!), costume contest (and if we had to lose our 1st place streak we are glad it was to the Lindloffs because #youcantbeatachariot even with a dance- choreographed would be too strong of a word to describe our performance but- hey- we had a BLAST!!! The Dillman family came in for the fun their photo session later in the day and they CRUSHED the family costume too!
Great day with family & friends! Love our community and how much everyone turns up for the fun!!!
Napoleon Dynamite!!! 
 Wakanda Forever! 
 Go Evy!! 2nd place for her grade in the Monster Mile! 

I live for this stuff! Happy Halloween-ing friends,


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