We shared part of our story for Replanted last weekend to encourage other families and thank our amazing social worker.

I am so grateful for the encouragement, resources, & community on our adoption journey that our group has provided. This journey is messy & I used to believe the lie that meant maybe we were not cut out for it. What I know now is that struggling through the messiness acknowledges the loss AND life that are part of the story. It is hard & wonderful & it is part of our family’s story. If you are a part of the adoption community; birth families, adoptive families, social workers, kin care networks, foster care families, Safe Families, or anyone who wants to love this community well consider joining us! We are excited to see the video the team is working on! Join us at the Replanted Conference. Replanted is real encouragement on the journey while focusing on HOPE in all.
I share more about my experience on attending this conference for several years here .

Reach out if you have any questions! See you there, 



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