Last week I went for a morning run & was feeling frustrated with my body- frustrated that even though I feel like I am on such a restrictive diet for my MS 🧡I have not lost more weight & frustrated that I cannot run very fast with my almost constant foot drop. 😥#mssucks
And then just as the negativity in my head was speaking loudly there was a voice that was louder. I felt a calming & loving presence I have come to trust is God’s voice remind me “do not call unworthy what I have said is beautiful.” 💕
So today I’m celebrating what God has said is beautiful. I’m celebrating & feeling more confident living in my body- not despite what I wish I could change- but trying to embrace & live what is. I’m almost 40 & give less & less craps what society says about me. With age can come wisdom of knowing life is too short to hate what God has said is good. ⚡️We all have amazing strength & power. ⚡️Don’t disagree with what God has called beautiful- because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 



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