Jason has been working on a project in New York every few weeks and I suffer from serious FOMO so I flew out and joined him for a weekend a few weeks back to pause and mark 18 years of building a marriage worth celebrating. Marriage is hard and lots of work and also an incredible blessing in our lives. We had a blast exploring the city together!

NY is the city of all cities- seriously y’all we lived in Chicago for a long time and even we had to admit multiple times during our weekend- New York is A REAL CITY! Like NYC is legit!  Jason planned our itinerary through Weekender Pro and it included some amazing sights, fabulous eats, & lots of time adventuring together.

 You can see some more of my street photography images from NY over on the Hawa Image’s blog
The Vessel
Harlem Music Fest was so amazing!

Top of the Rock! Awesome views of the city!
We cheesy though.

Times Square
We biked over 20 miles this day & walked over 22,000 steps exploring so much of this city!
The High Line
911 Memorial
The Oculus
Peeping Lady Liberty
Street food!!
Jason adores public transit- direct quote “I know this sounds weird but I love the smell of public transit”
 You can see some more of my street photography images from NY over on the Hawa Image’s blog

Here is to many more adventures, 



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