Yesterday I registered the kids for school and filled out paperwork and wrote too many checks AND ALL 4 of these people will be in school y’all- first time in 13 years!!! Part of me cannot wait & part of me has no clue what my life will look like without a constant sidekick (well, except Chewie).  This is a BIG transition and I feel ALL the ways about it.

This past weekend at my parents lake house I brought out the camera to document what life looks like in these last weeks before the baby of the family heads off to kindergarten. I am looking forward to a more regular schedule especially since work has been so busy but while we can we are soaking in the last days of summer lake house style.  I just know these moments are passing so quickly & am I grateful for the gift of photography to pause these kids just for a moment in time.

 Tubing!! Evy & Rayne went vertical and STAYED ON THE TUBE!! It was awesome.

 They made a secret hand shake to celebrate their BOSS-tubing skills. 

 boating life

 Abishai was finally brave enough to tube!

 Just a boy & his pup boating

 We have this same picture each ear- these girls are looking so old!

 Summer be like….

Summer is almost over friends- let’s make the most of it!



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