We just returned from a quick but epic family trip to St. Louis. It was a mix of fabulous and exhausting- kind of like life with 4 kids always is but as I realize we have but 18 summers with these precious and make-me-nutz kids we more and more want to make the most of this fleeting time.  
Our second full day there ended with loading our sweaty, bruised, & bleeding (ball pit meets elbows) selves into the van for the drive home after properly exploring (hence the injuries) the City Museum.  I will say it again- it is one of my FAVORITE places ever! So unique and one of a kind- get yourself there if you have not been yet.  Such a creative place and every time I wonder how people do not get lost or die in there. 🙂  This was Jason’ first time and even he had to admit it lived up to our hype. 

The past few days have been 98 degrees & the heat was definitely insane!!
 Let’s do this! 

hotel wake up. They actually slept until 9am!!!! 

St. Louis Day 1- we hit Six Flags hard. Highlights: all kids went on every ride they were tall enough for & earned their own shake, Abishai rode his first real roller coasters (tears followed by joy), Rayne was fearless & was still doing cartwheels at 9pm, Evy & Anni we’re nervous about Mr Freeze but ended up loving it, & we have never been more thankful for a water park for the hottest part of the day (Can we say #swampbutt y’all #itwashotyo #overshare!!) As Abishai said as Pandemonium halted to a stop “it was EPIC!”



Evy BEFORE Mr. Freeze
 Evy AFTER Mr. Freeze
 We snuck a quick water park happy hour… that is what lifeguards are for right?
Rayne snapped this and it is EXACTLY how we all felt in the heat! 
Here is to exhausting and fabulous mini family vacations! Happy Summer friends, 



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