Jason & I are; in many ways, very different but we have and always will agree on travel- we prioritize it, we dream about it, & we make it happen in part because the time away from the normal tasks of life we are reminded how much we have to be grateful.  We have time to just explore together and say YES to new adventures because of lot of parenting involves “no.”  
We escaped the arctic tundra known as the Midwest for a quick but so amazing trip to Florida to visit Jason’s parents (thanks for your hospitality!). We promised ourselves last winter we would stalk cheap airline tickets and try to vacate for at least 3 days every winter just to be reminded what the sun on our skin & the sand under our toes feels like.  
Sun & Sand should be considered a legit form of therapy.  The beach with my people feels a lot like church to me. I loved capturing these moments and sitting here with 3 shirts on and looking through them makes me smile. I just love the gift of photography because it freezes sand covered noses and our littles just as they are today. 

 First stop is ALWAYS good, local coffee and Perq did not disappoint.

 Then we requested to explore Selby Gardens again because it is such a beautiful place to just enjoy being outside.

 The kid’s area is such a blast!

 hula hoop contexts with Babu- he was the winner every time!

 these trees are so amazing!

Lunch along the water- because obviously. 
Our favorite beach in the Sarasota area is without a doubt Siesta Key. It has powder sand and beautiful water that was just so restoring for our sun starved bodies. 

 Big Olaf ice cream at a local grocery store is a favorite

on our way to search for shark teeth at another beach Abishai decided to spend his own money to buy Bibi & Babu their iced coffee. 

 Trip to visit family meant we snuck out one night for a drink on a rooftop watching the sunset & a fabulous dinner alone!

 She loves bird chasing and calls the seagulls “eagles”- it is our favorite!

 searching the piles for shark teeth

 when you are feeling yourself

 Embracing the Queen she is!

The loudest 4 & my favorite 4 on the beach. 

 Annikah found 55 shark teeth & all the kids loved searching through the shells and sand for the treasure.

 The last night we took an Eco- Boat tour and the kids got to see & touch various ocean life.

 This jelly fish looked a bit like snot.

 Evy loved the sea horse.

saying good bye for now. 
Enjoy the sunshine Bibi & Babu & thanks for sharing it with us! 
We now have hope we can survive the rest of the winter. Like I said, sun & sand= a month’s worth of therapy. 


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