We spent just shy of 24 hours in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with dear ones and it was full of chaos & fun & time with family who are also friends.  With 10 kids and 3 dogs- there was never a dull moment;  especially when Expedia and our hotel completed for Incompetency of the Year Award and our hotel reservation fell through (& there were no hotels within 30 miles that had vacancy- #Iowagameissues) and we had to crash Jorie & Marks  house last minute; one kid in the camper with Schumacher fam, 2 kids in the basement,  1 on the couch and poor Joel vacated his room for us and our crazy dog.  We made it work and had a blast bring all together (a rare occurrence in these days of older kids). There is no subsitute for actually just getting to catch up in person and see our kids play together. Late night bedtimes & treats fueled our chaos and the kids (and Chewie) had a blast! 
We crammed a lot of exploring and new adventures into our time there & I love recording these times with cousins. 

 Who woudl have EVER thought these 3 sibs would ALL give in and get dogs!?

The puppies pretty much did this THE ENTIRE TIME! 

 design your own donuts!!!

 2 boy cousins & their donuts: a series.

Abishai’s favorite part of the trip “I love the donuts & ice cream and playing all the time.”

Leave it to our crazy crew to always keep it weird. And LOUD. And fun! 
Love you family, 


  1. Anonymous says:

    This is really funny that all 3 families have a dog now..And how long will J continue to grow his beard?