“Stay close to any sounds that make you are glad you are alive.”-Hafez.
The moment I read this quote I underlined it until I ripped the page in my book because it resonated so much.  I don’t want to chase pleasure for its sake but I do want to be careful to surround myself with things that remind me and allow me to feel more alive. Feeling fully alive, fully present, & fully known. 
The past few days I spent celebrating a dear friend’s 40th birthday. It seems surreal we are entering midlife because we still feel like (ok and maybe act like) back in our college days when we took more French classes because we had a crush on our TA (Jean- Michel forever we love you) and spent late nights that turned into mornings talking about the deep things of life AND being so ridiculous that we laughed til we peed (okrrrr maybe that was just me).  
Jill is a beautiful woman who clings to joy, not because her road has been easy but because it has been hard at times but she consistently looks for God in it all.  We have seen each other through so many seasons and the trust we have built over all these years allows vulnerability to be both beautiful and ugly, as Jill said in a card to me “the Glory & the Grime.” Perfect. 

Friendship over time can cost us; time, money, pride, etc but in my experience it is a priceless investment. To be known for all the stuff on the way to each other becoming who we are today is humbling and I’m so grateful when I was young and dumb I made such dear friends.  We point each other towards love and life when we doubt and fear and that is a dear friend. They say if you have been friends for 10 years you will be friends for life so as I told Jill & Jess they are stuck with me now til we are old ladies who wear red & purple and blow bubbles on a beach somewhere (#goals).  Plus, we have saved each other a lot of money on therapy!! Love you ladies! 

Jess has a gift for being ridiculous in photos.

This quick getaway to San Diego was spent being close to sounds that make me feel alive. The ocean, long uninterrupted convos with old & new friends, espresso machines grinding, dear ones laughing, glasses clinking “cheers,” wind blowing through my hair, & stories shared. 

I’m grateful to be alive. It was a good few days away. Happy Birthday dear Jill. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    Gah! I love this! And I love you! It was such a lovely weekend, wasn't it? Let's go to the French Riviera for our 50th! Thanks for these beautiful photos!