Our downtown adventure day is always a favorite of our “Advent-ures”but this year with all the transition and adjustment we were wondering if we should even attempt it with 4 kids. I’m so grateful we did because it was just what we needed as a family! Handing the kid’s an envelope with our plans and watching them open it is always one of those Mama moments I treasure because they are just so excited. Grateful for this time.

fam selfie downtown
Family selfie!!

Macy’s windows (they will always be Marshall Field’s windows to us)

We rode the escalators up to see “the tree” and I think it was one little girl’s first time on escalators and she was pumped (ya know after we assured her she would not die)

a quick stop at Christkindlmarket for pretzels (also EVERYONE in Chicago was there)
anni and rayne selfie
I’m lovin’the ANnikah selfies on my phone

photo (2)
I think the kid’s favorite part was the pool hands down
photo (6)
the next morning we walked to Michigan Ave to check out the Lego store (obviously) but freezing rain meant we cabbed it back to our hotel and squeezing all of us in the back seat was pretty hilarious! 
fam at Macys
Everyone did great and we so enjoyed the time together exploring the amazing city the day before Christmas Eve. We saved the best for last. 



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