The girls had a dance recital this weekend and I AM EXHAUSTED! Seriously, me. At least there is only one recital a year because this Mama cannot handle any more. But the ridiculously adorable-ness of the whole thing was more than worth the efforts to actually get them there in costume AND on time. Ok, who am I kidding? They were late to both the dress rehearsal and the recital but we rallied and made it work! My parents and Jason’s parents both were here to cheer our little dancers on so it was such a special weekend.

my favorite part of the dress rehearsal was all of us smiley parents and our cell phones. Too funny.

Anni performed a Hip Hop number to open the show.

Annikah lost her hat mid dance but did not let is affect her swagger.

Evy and her friend Chloe waiting for their ballet dance

Abidhai “sitting” through an hour and 20 minute dance show meant balls, a shameful number of fruit snacks, and a HUGE lollipop. It was all about coping people.

The curtain call and THIS girl and HER FACES! She slays me.

Anni & her bestie from school

We love their dance teacher; Miss Jennifer and just bless her for all the chaos and tiny dancers (there were 2 year olds’ with maracas…need I say more about the saint-hood of this woman?).

The Bibis’ & Babus’ made their recital so special!

Even though today I am suffering what can only be described as a dance recital hangover I would totally be lying if I did not freely admit I live for this stuff. The girls killed it, had a blast, and felt special and family joined to celebrate their hard work.  Great little dance recital if you ask me. And as long as these girls keep shaking it I’ll be there in the front row with my giant camera and flowers tucked under my seat cheering them on!  


Here is a short clip of Evy’s tap dance. The turn kills me and I think my favorite part is when she runs off stage as soon as it is finished. 



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