The girls and I escaped Chiberia for just a few days thanks to my mom’s (AKA Super Bibi’s) airline miles and generosity!  We headed to Florida to see Winter and Hope. In case you are over 11 and do not know about these dolphins let me share…. they are from the Dolphin Tale books and movies and Annikah can give you their life story next time you stop by. She can tell you everything about them and loves to read anything about dolphins. Anni even prays for them at night! All year she has wished and wished that someday she would get to see them and when Bibi suggested a quick getaway I knew where we had to go. Just us ladies packed up and headed to Tampa!!

Our trip even began with the girls first time in a “long car”

She was a little excited!!

We spent a lot of time in the airport on the way there after getting stuck in Philly because of winter storms. We played cards, we ate junk, we (ok the girls) did cartwheels, and got to knwo new friends.  “The difference between an inconvenience and an adventure is a matter of attitude.” We repeated that often and thankfully our adventure ended with us eventually getting to Tampa! We also met some really awesome folks with the extra 5 hours at the airport.  I love airports because you get to hear so many stories of people.

We made it to Clear Water Marine Aquarium and spent the day learning everything you ever would want to know about their mission.

Our host John (my Godfather) was amazing and consistently spoiled us the entire time we were there.


We took a boat ride and explored a sand bank.

we had a blast exploring!!

This is how Evy felt about leaving the little island. Seriously.

Annikah with Hope

the stingray pool was one of our favorites

We closed down the aquarium and had to say good bye to Winter before we headed out.

We made it to Clear Water Beach in time for a fantastic sunset. And naked toes!!!

The next day was well spent at the beach getting sand in our hair and between our toes.  The water was pretty cold but for us just the chance to enjoy being outside was life giving.


The fog was pretty intense and so were the crazy birds!!

We caught some street performers at the pier too and the girls were enthralled.

Annikah even got to be in the show when acrobats jumped over her.

We ended vacation right: with too much ice cream and extra sprinkles. We had salt water and sand in our hair and sunburns on our shoulders and shells in our pockets and flip flops on our feet.  It was pretty awesome.  And it was such a blessing to get away and be with my mom and girls for a few days.  Watching them experience something they dreamed about yet never thought they would get to do was the best Mama stuff of all. Yeah for girl’s trips!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So awesome! Looks like a great trip. xoxo

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for creating this amazing blog about your visit to CMA, we thoroughly enjoyed reading it and seeing the beautiful photos! P.S. we posted this to our Twitter pages for our fans to see! -Staff at CMA 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome! Hans and the Kids watched the move about Hope when we were in Germany – and they loved it! I need to show them your pics here 🙂 Sandbank, shells, seaurchins, salty water… sounds like the place you left many years ago; but the water here is never freezing cold!!! I am sure the girls still would love the life on this island we still call home 🙂