The slightly warmer temps and sunshine beckoned us to join friends and check out a sledding hill less than 5 minutes from our house.

We loved taking our neighbor’s for their first ever sledding expereince! They loved it!

My fingers were freezing for an hour after sledding because I was taking pictures but we had so much I just could not resist snapping away!

Lydia gets some serious air!

Nirdesh after a face plant!

Go Evy Imani!

“This winter will not defeat me”- I repeat this often because as anyone who knows me well knows I am NOT a winter gal. But a day sledding in the sunshine with all these amazing friends will make even me LOVE the snow.
Stay warm friends,


  1. Anonymous says:

    I can really see on the pics that it is COLD! Look at all those cheeks. But it looks like you all had lots of fun…And you will survive winter, as I will survive this unbearable heat here!!! At least I tell this to myself every day… šŸ™‚