Christmas morning we headed over to my parent’s home to celebrate with my family.  The day included: Cookie baking (ok mostly burning), cooking, present opening, food stuffing, game playing, lots of laughing, and ended with The Hobbit. It was all good stuff.

There are always interested dogs around anything food related.

when Auntie Katy is around the girls are loving every minute (and fighting over who gets to sit by her). They did some pretty funny lip syncing videos.

The man folk enjoyed their dinner! As usual my mom went above and beyond and we were all ridiculously stuffed. It was so good!

and the candied almonds were also a BIG HIT with one little boy.

love this of my mom and her “baby” and of course her ever present iced tea 🙂

Game time was so fun this year as the girls are more able to really get into it and my mom got each of us new games we just had to try out.

Only 2 chips. Sad story.

And of course pics in front of the tree…

Super Bibi with her grandkids

Rob, Mel, and Data

sibs pic

and attempts at a family photo…and yes I am wiping his ever present snot nose with my hand and just whatever about it…

Jason captured this of my sis and I taking our “elfie” by the tree. I miss this girl so much!
We are blessed to have almost our family all together (we just missed Grandpa!) this year to celebrate God’s goodness at Christmas and all year.
 Christmas round 2 was fabulous.

We also have a friendly little dance challenge going and this was our family’s attempt Christmas morning. I have watched it at least 20 times and EVERYTIME when Jason comes in I just DIE laughing. I just can’t. It slays me. God bless him for putting up with our craziness.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the pics of your family time. So wonderful and really a lovely Christmas day to remember. You have the same problem with the video… there is nothing, at least it shows not up for me. Maybe only africa shida. But as I wrote already in my email to you a while ago. it looks like they changed something on photobucket and it´s not workting the way it did before that point. Check it out yourself.And happy New year to you!!!