Fall. We really cannot get enough of you this year.
Maybe it is also because we live 10 minutes from this place and no matter where we are you can’t hide the SASSY of Miss Evy Imani….

Maybe it is because playing in the leaves is somehow magical and healing.

Maybe it is because while the kids are too young for a long hike a quick run through the woods is the best sort of family time I can imagine…..

Maybe the warm weather has made us forget what is coming…

Maybe it is because of the cooperation and appreciation that comes when you take time to be together without an agenda…….

Maybe it is because listening to tiny converse clad feet take little steps on the path is one of the best sounds I can think of…

Maybe the smell of the fall and the smell of this dude’s little head compete for the best eva…

maybe it is becuase we get to experience it all with these little people…..

Even on the chaotic days (and there are many of those) this is the life I would choose over and over again. Asking God for the grace and grateful heart to always remember that.
Enjoying the last days of fall,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures! Would love to live ten minutes to the woods.HugsCarina