I will not spend 7 hours in the car with my children unless when we get out of that car there is something pretty awesome.

And the cabin was pretty awesome y’all.

We joined Jason’s cousin and his wife and their 2 boys for a long weekend in a little cabin in the woods near Three Lakes, Wisconsin. We had not been up there since we were dating but the cabin has been in Jason’s family for at least 40 years.  One thing is for sure: we will not wait another 15 years.  It is outrageously beautiful and quiet and peaceful. One morning I ran for 30 minutes and only saw a deer! The kids had a blast canoeing, attending a pumpkin festival in town, digging in the dirt, finding things to chop with an axe, and scouting adventures.

We read and talked and ate and drank coffee and went for walks and repeated.  It was a perfect fall getaway.

We went in to town to browse for nothing in particular and ended up with bags of candy and beef jerky.  We spent time in toy stores and trading posts that have stayed pretty much the same since Jason was a youngin. It is the kind of small town where the thrift shop gives away stuffed animals just because.

I even got to do a family life session for the Willis fam.

The guys went out for beer and the ladies went out for coffee and the kids played until called and came in with dirt under their fingernails and mud on their knees and stayed up watching movies.
 It was just about perfect.

This one last bright red leaf was holding  on and each morning I would check to see if she had given up on fall and succumbed to winter. Not just yet.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this place. You just made me miss it so! Glad you were able to enjoy 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful! Looks like a perfect fall. Hugs from GermanyCarina

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures!!!! I love the one of Jason and Abishai!