Anni and I have continued our mama-daughter dates this summer.  To be honest every time it feels like fighting for that space and time; getting babysitters, shuffling the kids, and coordinating schedules but each time we meet together to focus on our beautiful, unique, and special girls I sense God’s presence.  Parenting can feel like “managing” a lot of the time but these dates where we intentionally create space and talk through important topics have been life giving.  It helps that I get to walk through these dates with other awesome women and their fabulous daughters!!

This last SKG date was about beauty, modesty, and style and was a shopping date with friends.  We looked through books that showed fashion through the ages and talked about different styles and how our fashion can show our personality, follow trends, and be unique. We also talked about peer pressure and body image; being honest with the girls about our mistakes and what we have learned being “old and wise.” On the drive home Anni asked me in the “old days” when I was a kid if I had to wear a corset. So that was awesome.   The girls learned some “tests” clothing must pass in order to be appropriate AND enable us to play and move freely.

Then we turned them loose and allowed them to pick up some outfits to try on and give each other feedback. It was pretty adorable! I realized Anni had never gone to a store to pick out an outfit just for fun and she had a blast! She picked this dress and a scarf in the end.

The final outfits!

Friends have such a deep impact on who become as girls and young women and these relationships are precious to us.  I’m grateful we get to journey together.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Because I have so much confusion about beauty, modesty, and vanity, fashion has always been scary territory for me, so I have always tried to get around it (basically only wearing clothes that have been given to me) rather than find my way through (shopping is terrifying!). What I'm trying to say is…this lighthearted but intentional teaching on this topic is so incredibly valuable! I'm inspired to do this with my own children as well, but I'm afraid that would be like the blind leading the blind. 🙁 For now, I know God is bringing me along patiently and I feel renewed in my journey because of this post. Thanks.