Thanks to my awesome mama wrangling all 3 kids Jason and I got to sneak away to Starved Rock for 2 nights to celebrate 13 years of marriage!! And as all people with small kids know you mostly just want to sleep, drink coffee uninterrupted, read, eat with both hands, have complete thoughts AND express them, and otherwise CHILL. All the hiking, nice dinner out, and wine tasting was totally a bonus. And who knew there is actually beautiful nature in Illinois?
on the drive out there we saw this amazing sunset and could actually stop because there was no imminent crisis occurring in the back seat and no one who needed to pee. That is luxury my friends.

micro-tears in a tendon in my foot did not keep me from hiking (but full disclosure: it did mean I whined a bit and was slow:)

my cave man.

We went up to see sunset at Starved Rock and were trying to be all romantic and anniversary-ish but when I asked J to take a selfie with me this is what I get people.

We sipped coffee and wine, we talked, we read, we hiked, we slept in (til 7:15), we finished actual conversations, and we spent time being us.  A great reminder that I dig “us” a whole lot. Happy Anniversary to the man that puts up with me and my chaos. This time together feels too short in this stage of life but getting away from the daily reminds me how amazing Jason is and how I am lucky that when I was young and dumb I found him and snatched him up! Here is to many more years of adventuring together,