The kids and I celebrated World Refugee Day in Chicago at Foster Beach. It is one of my favorite celebrations of the summer and the girls LOVE the food, dancing, and kid’s activities. I just feel so blessed to see so many different cultures coming together to celebrate the brave, difficult, resilient, and amazing journey of refugees making a new home in Chicago. Please check out images from the day on Hawa Images here but here are a few personal ones of our time at the lakefront hanging out and celebrating with people from all over the world!

always awesome to run into friends!

the girls loved the dancing!

CircEsteen is always a highlight!

Abishai was less impressed

But luckily he had many adoring fans eager to snuggle and hold him.
Being involved with refugee communities and families has had a profound affect on our family.  It reminds me of what really matters in life and I am so grateful for the impact our friends have had on me personally.  Volunteer with World Relief or another resettlement agency near you!! It will change you and you won’t regret it!



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