I have been a slacker friends. I have not been here with you but I have a good excuse: summer is my absolutely favorite season and last year I was too sick to really enjoy it so this year I am making up for any and all missed opportunities.  We still have this whole moving and transitioning our lives AGAIN thing coming up in a few weeks but for now I am choosing to behave like I am blissfully unaware of that change on the horizon and just dive deep into summer fun. Sand in my sandals, sweat dripping down my back, iced coffees with friends, lazy beach days, exploring and having no agenda, picnic lunches at the park, driving to summer camps with AC and music blaring, mornings in our PJ’s reading, long walks to the library.  Ahhhh I love. it. all. We feel it our duty to squeeze every bit of fabulous-ness out of summer in honor of surviving this past winter! And while having the kids home all the time might get old after a minute for now summer is my BFF. For reals. 
Anni loved Chicago Eagles summer camp last week. This was her ensemble for Wacky Wednesday!
great location and awesome coaches!
friends and sweaty, stinky carpool everyday
one of Anni’s coaches is originally from Africa!
And these lovely ladies stayed with us for the week and even forgave us when J and I had a miscommunication (shocking I know!) and locked them out accidentally and they had to sleep in their car.  I know….worst host family ever! The girls loved them so much and cried when they left. I love these opportunities to host and share lives, even if for a short time!
While Anni was busy at camp Miss Evy and I have time for a few lessons here and there. She takes them very seriously. Well mostly.
The girls both attended a Wild Annimal VBS out by my Mom’s house and loved it.
In other news Anni has been begging me forever to teach me to use a “real camera” and since summer gives us lots of time we have started summer photography lessons using my old DSLR.  So fun for her (and ME!) and I am super proud of how much she is really trying and learning!  We had an A-Z challenge last Saturday and awoke in the wee hours to catch the bean at sunrise- totally worth it!  She even started a blog to post what she is learning and doing this summer (email me if you want an invite as it is private).
I seriously had so much fun with her and she did not complain once and we walked almost 6 miles! It is so amazing to see …sniff…how grown up and cool she is! Ok, Mama rant ends here.
Oh wait… I lied. We also did our 3rd Mama- Daughter date and it was awesome to see what God is teaching us both!
one of my favorite shots of the day. It was so fun to have the bean all to ourselves for a few. She took one of me jumping too that she posted on her blog 🙂
sunkissed cuteness. seriously.
We heart the beach. In a BIG way!
Does summer ever have to end?

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