We spent spring break in Atlanta enjoying some Southern hospitality and time with Jason’s sister; Annie and her family.  Between us we had 6 kiddos and at any given time there was at least one crying. The whole week was a general cacophony of shrieking, giggling, and crying. But such is life with lots of wee ones and they had a blast together.  Cousin reunions are the best!

And an over 12 hour car ride with 3 kids is not the ideal way to relax in case you were wondering.  I seriously wished for one of those limo windows that blocks out noise many a times but we powered through and made it in one day.  Abishai was a rockstar for the most part considering he was strapped in to a car seat for an entire day each way and I have a strict “Hunger Game’ philosophy about what happens in the ‘way’ back seat: whoever emerges so be it and what happens back there..don’t bother me about it.

After driving on winding mountain roads I was about to yak thus necessitating a pit stop in Chattanooga on our way there. Luckily for us it is awesome!!

The girls were so pumped to play in water and Abishai’s feet had never been outside without being covered EVER in his WHOLE life so as you can see he was feeling it!

Our first morning there we headed to Dutch Monkey Doughnuts. I usually am not a doughnut fan but let me just say this place is amazing! Everyone agreed.

You can watch them making the yumminess. and then time for decisions, decisions.

We will blame the sugar

“Mama, this doughnut is the best!”

Even Abishai got his first taste of doughnut. Parenting FAIL.

Mostly we just hung out, destroyed the Shoe house (sorry!), played at parks, and listened to the girls sing Frozen songs over and over, and we had one big day out. it was the perfect pace for us. We also fell in love with this new guy…

littlest boy cousins

We love us plenty of Papa bonding time

Cosmic Kids yoga sessions in our PJ’s took up much of our time

fabulous popsicles at a local coffee shop (there was some drama about who got the last strawberry one as you might be able to tell from the photo)

“Mama, look at my ninja moves” Because Evy.

me and my  homegirls heading out (you would be correct to assume there was lots of car dancing)

And just because I cannot resist..I give you the “fashion show” that ended in tears.

Girl drama. You gotta laugh or you too will be in tears.

We hit up Lego Land and the kids (including the big kid Jason) loved it

Then we headed downtown to Centennial Park to check out the fountain

Claire & Anni were the only brave crazy ones to jump IN the fountain on a 55 degree day

After surviving Chiberia it felt like heaven to have warm sun on our skin and enjoy being outside even if it was a bit “cool” for the South.

The grown folk even escaped one night for a date night!

Abishai was not feeling this picture but it is a perfect snapshot of life right now.  Full of chaos, tears, spit up, snuggles, toothless grins, pigtails, rubber-band bracelets, drama, and plenty of cousin love. It was a great spring break!

And I seriously love the following video (even though my laugh is completely heinous)! This was taken in our VERY slap happy moments driving home and I want to forever remember our family right now dancing through the chaos. So ‘Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!’

  1. Anonymous says:

    So Happy I infected you with that song 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    You summed up the week well! Love y'all! 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or does Charlie look like the Dill boys as babies?