This winter. What can I say? Since my mother taught me to remain silent if you have nothing nice to share I think I will say notta. It has been rough to say the least… what with polar vortex nonsense and FEET of snow. We did make a ‘winter fun checklist’ with the girls and in an attempt to honor that even when us parental units are not feeling the winter love we had to go sledding last week when it snowed yet again. We took Evy’s bestie from school and her Mom since they are from India and have never been before! I must say it was a blast!!! Photographic evidence.

first timers

Seriously. Most adorable snow bunny ever.
And  a ridiculous iphone video:

We had a great time but admittedly spent as much time getting dressed for sledding as we did actually sledding! And I agree with Miss Evy’s sentiments when she said “now that we went sledding can winter be over Mama?” We can only hope and wait dear one.
Stay warm friends,

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