Evy’s best friend at school is a little girl from India.  Thea teacher informed me after the second week of school that they are inseparable and even though the little girl does not speak much English when they play Evy acts like she understands what she is saying. Hilarious! Maybe a benefit of growing up for 3 years bilingual? I wanted to get to know her Mom and before long we were chatting everyday at pick up and drop off.  She told me she does not have many friends here yet and was happy to hang out.  I know what that feels like and we have many talks about India and Africa and America.  We made plans to head to some sights around the city so they can take in our awesome city.  Our first outing was cancelled because I had a baby the day before (good excuse though) so we finally got together and headed to the children’s museum at Navy Pier a couple weeks back.  The kids had a blast and they even packed a yummy Indian food lunch for us! Holla! I think the highlight of the day was the new exhibit where you can “ice skate.” And I am digging indoor fake snow WAY more than the real thing!  And in case you are wondering the girls are wearing eyeliner because when I snuck away to nurse the baby I returned to find my friend had put thick black eyeliner on all the girls.  When I returned they were pumped and declared “it was just like Africa!”  It was a bit much but since they loved it so much they rocked it the rest of the day.

And by the way Evy’s photo bombing skills are on mad display in these pictures…
I love learning more about their culture and getting to know them. Evy has good taste in friends.

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is this silly girl doing with her EYES???I hope so much, that we will see her again soon!