It has already been a week since our little boy made his early arrival around these parts. He fits in amazingly well and so far has proven to be our most laid back baby.  The girls adore him almost to the point of insanity and fight over who gets to hold him from when they wake up until they go to bed. Jason went back to work Monday and my mom left a couple days ago so I am getting a crash course in the mama of three gig and can I just say I will probably never be on time for at least the next three years. My used Ergo carrier off Ebay has already proven to be the best invention ever created and I’m tired but nothing a double shot latte can’t fix. I have worn the same pair of workout pants for a week and in case I have not mentioned it I am NOT Sick!!!
Seriously I feel amazing. Here is a bit of what went down to get this little boy here.

I had my weekly appointments last Tuesday and arrived late because we had to take Evy to the pediatrician who had hives and a horrible rash all over her little body.  After my NST which showed the baby’s heart rate was a bit elevated but nothing too bad (possibly due to my stress about Evy?). Then we moved into the ultrasound room and within minutes I could tell my fluid was low.  After weeks of these tests you get pretty good at knowing what they are looking for.  The ultrasound tech said”well, honey for anyone else this would be bad news but for you I think this is great news….your fluid is at 4 and that probably means they will induce you today!”  The doctor then confirmed that I was either leaking fluid or it was just too low to wait and said I needed to go over to labor and delivery right then. I managed to negotiate an hour to run home, pack, and get Jason but it was go time! I sent this text to J.
By 2 pm we were at the hospital and the end was in sight. My contractions were already 5-6 minutes apart without meds but they hooked me up to pitocin right away. Notice the picture below was BEFORE the pit took effect. The doctor said it was the first time he ever had a Mama push a baby out wearing sunglasses.  At least my HG makes me memorable!
J checks out the drugs.
After just over 12 hours of labor Abishai was born.  The contractions were intense and I never fully dilated but HAD to push.  The last time they checked me I was at 8 1/2 cm but a few minutes later I was screaming and pushing. The doctor let me push past to 10 because I could not NOT push. He arrived after about 25 minutes of hard core pushing.  He screamed and they placed him on my chest and let his cord pulse.  Jason cut the cord a few minutes later and our boy was here. Surreal.  Each birth is a miracle and there are so many emotions that filled my heart and mind at that moment.  I knew a difficult pregnancy had come to an end and God was there with me the entire time.  I was thankful and relieved and spent.  I loved this little gooy baby boy and wanted to snuggle him forever. Overwhelming and amazing.

After we arrived home we showed the girls the pictures of his birth and they were very concerned that he had “goo all over him! yucky goo!!” when he was born. I told them birth is messy yo!
Anni saw this picture and said “wait!! when he came out he was wearing a hat!!!” LOVE.
And Miss Evy giggled, “haha look at him peanut and butty.” seriously kid.untitled-16
He had a bit of difficulty breathing when he was born so they did not weigh home for over an hour but they monitored him closely and he was fine.  Our biggest baby yet at 7.7. Our sweet boy arrived healthy and we are so grateful.  Happy 1 week birthday Abishai.  We already can’t imagine life without you.  


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