prego 7 moths 3rd trimester
Yesterday my homegirl Evy and I spent almost 4 hours in the hospital which resulted in her missing lunch, ditching school (opps), and saying things like “Mama, why you have to sit with your big butty out (hehehehe) on that table?” Seriously, precious.  As if my sitting half naked with no back rest for almost 40 minutes waiting for a doctor to give me a painful pelvic exam was not fun enough.  I might hurt someone. And my favorite Evy quote said no less than 89 times “Mama, why that doctor take so long and why they have no snacks here?” Did I mention these children NEED to go to school!

So, the latest adventures in pregnancy involve low amniotic fluid levels.  A new development.  Last week I went in for my growth ultrasound and the baby was fine as far as heartbeat and movement. His abdominal circumference was still small (meaning he is skinny) but we had that with Evy as well so we were not too worried as soon as she was outside the inhospitable living conditions of my uterus she was fine. Maybe I make skinny babies when I have HG because I don’t eat for about 5 months. Ya think?

But during my ultrasound last week the sonogram tech said she felt that the amniotic fluid was low and she wanted the doctor to come in and scan me again. I know in the movies pregnant women love the US and smile when they see their precious babe on the screen but the scan makes me dry heave because they are pushing on my stomach which is so sensitive because of my constant companion: nausea so I am OVER IT.   I also had the 2 SF girls with me and was going to be late to pick up Anni and Evy so I was feeling a bit stressed (this was also the same morning I had hit a car at morning school drop off so it was not the greatest day :)). After the Dr looked she said it was on the lower side of normal (I think she said 7ish) but that I could go home and try to drink fluid like it was my job and just had to come back in a week for a fluid recheck.

Then, this weekend the pain I have been having in my left leg/back went crazy off the charts- meaning I couldn’t sleep and needed help in and out of bed because I was numb on my left side and could not walk normally. It seriously felt like my hip was popped out of alignment. So weird and painful and of course when I took Tylenol I threw it along with my food up so that is a no go for me. I just felt like something was wrong so I I called yesterday and they said to come back in so I went for the fluid recheck and an evaluation of my leg/back issue.  I had to take Evy and we ended up being at the hospital for about 4 hours…they did a fluid recheck and it had dropped to 5.5 which is now what my doctor considers “low.”  The baby’s movements are really painful and she ordered a non stress test and said depending on the baby’s condition I might need to stay. The NST came back normal- movements and heartbeat, etc so that is great but they don’t know exactly what is causing the low fluid (dehydration can be a factor, stressed placenta, etc) but there is not one thing that for sure causes or will fix it. They told me I have to push fluids or come into the infusion center every few days to get more Iv’s which totally made me cry again since they make you so bloated and feel crappy- I can already barely walk as I’m limping around.  I had IV’s for months already and I needed them then so it was fine but I just don’t know if I really need them now so close to the end. But since I lost a half a pound and haven’t gained in the last couple weeks they think I need them again (even though I have gained 18 pounds so I am within totally normal range for weight gain). Plus, that means they may be much more afraid to induce early (which usually happens with low fluid because they fear the baby will be little). Pushing fluids seems easy but the more I drink, the more I puke and I had finally gotten into a rhythm that while not ideal or super healthy at least means I can survive this way for the remain few weeks.

The leg situation is called SI joint dysfunction, or pelvic mal alignment and I need to go to physical therapy twice a week now. Plus, weekly NST’s, ultrasounds, doctor visits, and possibly infusions.  I just feel overwhelmed. They say I need to drink tons and relax but I still puke so much when I try to drink more so it is a catch 22. I don’t want IV infusions but I can’t really drink as much as I need to so I know I might need to get them. I also asked how they expect me to rest with 6 + doctors appointments a week! All the driving and being in the offices with bright lights makes me sicker as well not to mention I’m feeling stressed about how to get there and get back as I only have short 2 hour windows when the girls are both in school (I can take Evy with me but yesterday that meant she missed school and we really want her to get used to going without tears hopefully before the baby comes).

I would really appreciate prayers as I feel overwhelmed by this all and that it could go on for the next 6 weeks. At some point I hope they will just let me be induced- as long as the baby’s ok obviously that is our biggest concern but also my body is just not having this anymore and at some point the trade off just seems not worth all this intervention. And can I just say God was so not playing when He said “I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth.”  Fo’ reals. And I have all the blessings of Western medicine (and believe me you can argue that we have too much intervention here but living in the developing world and seeing what women go through makes me thankful for body pillows and NST’s). I know God is in control and yesterday I took some time to pray and just really try to rest in that. A much need session of journaling, praying, and praising helped me put this all back into perspective. We praise before the miracle, not just after. Because we remember who He is, what He has done, and that He is for us.  His timing is perfect and this boy is a gift from Him I just need strength to finish this out and wisdom for Dr’s. Friends please pray for us. This is yet again out of our hands 9but really just a reminder that everything always is) and I need to rely on Him. And I’m pretty sure I can survive this which felt like crazy talk back in March. There is a lot of broken pieces making up this story and God is asking that we trust Him.  Which I always find easier to tell others than to do in the quietness of my soul. 

So now, for the record, in addition to my 8 1/2 month prego waddle I have added a limp. Yep, just call me puking peg leg prego (and yes, feel free to hashtag that).

  1. Anonymous says:

    So sorry for all this extra stress in the moment. I continue to pray for you and your precious little boy. I had very low fluid with Josia as well and he came by himself 2 weeks before the DUE. I hope, you don´t have to go to often to see all the different Dr´s… and try to lay down and rest as often as possible – even if you think you need to use the time for other things. First priority is your health and the healthy of you little package in the moment! Praying for peace, strength and rest. You are such a strong woman and you are so far already on this long way… you will make it until the “end” – when ever it will be 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Roxanne, I'm praying for you now! I pray for peace in the midst of the chaos and your pain. I'm so sorry that you're hurting more and that things are so tough now..

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