Annikah spent the week running between the buildings and the alley next to our house with about 60 other kids and counselors having the time of her life.  Evy and I would spy on them from the window (ok, and sometimes Evy would cry “cuz me want to do that” poor kid, in a few years little girl).  Anni attended Spring Hill day camp that First Free hosted this year.  The counselors said it was the tightest urban space they had set up the camp in all summer but that did not stop them from showing these city kids a great time.  It was run so well and everyday when Annikah returned to tell tales of rock wall climbing, water sliding, singing, crafts, winning stuffed monkeys, learning Bible stories, and giggling with her friends we thanked God for this opportunity.  Seriously, an amazing camp and a blessing to our family.  
It might have been the smallest space but they fit all the climbing walls, watersides, and other crazy kid paraphernalia!!
On Friday they invited the parents to attend a closing ceremony and we got to see the kids sing and then receive special character awards.
The awards were from their small group leaders for the week and focused on each child’s unique personality.  It was awesome to see the counselors investing, affirming, and encouraging our kids in this special ways.  Annikah received the award for kindness because they said she is such a sweet girl and was always kind to the kids and adults around her. Sniff.  That is our Anni. They also mentioned she wanted to answer every question and had a rough time keeping her mouth shut (I have NO IDEA where she gets that trait :). Plus, she has some mad dancing skills….
http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf   Amazing camp. Awesome opportunity. We are grateful.