Our neighborhood has a street festival every year called Midsommer Fest which; as most street fests are, is really an excuse for people to buy crafty chachkeys and drink too much by 10am.  We braved the crowds and with a double stroller and Annikah walking next to us it was no small feat y’all! I gotta say I love city chaos and the summer festivals are crazy at its best.

This year Annikah performed on the family stage twice! She recited a poem that she had memorized for school at a talent show and then she danced her heart out with her Hip Hop crew.  
Some friends came to see Miss Anni perform and she thought having an entourage to cheer her on was pretty fabulous.

 Annikah performing her poem. Even though there were tears moments before she pretty much rocked it (even if she forgot what a poem is)… Proud Mama,

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    Do you guys live in Andersonville? We have a booth at the farmer's market there every Wednesday!Your girls are adorable….and your penguin party, sounds like a blast. And I wouldn't sigh over toothpick assembly..You had a party!!! Most moms wouldn't even come up with that idea. *cough* We read that book too and did..nothing when we finished. Haha.

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    Now that I am back on your page I will apologize for leaving two comments! I thought I didn't publish my first comment! Sorry about that. We are Twin Garden Farms. I guess I should have specified when I said “we”…my family and I take turns. However, this coming Wednesday my sister and I will be there! So yeah! Come on over and say Hi! I'll give you some spinach! or lettuce…or whatever. 🙂 I love your neighborhood so much. It's so friendly. Enjoy your weekend.