Miss Evy Imani has developed some strong opinions on her wardrobe.  It is like we woke up one day recently and all of a sudden her attire matters.  Like really matters. There have been tears when I insisted she had to wear actual pants when it was chilly outside but I have decided this is no longer worthy of my Mama energies because let’s face it y’all those energies are limited on any given day (especially when fetus insists on accompanying me everywhere I go and still making me puke daily).  And Evy’s opinion usually involves a patterned skirt, mismatched socks, striped leggings, and at least two shirts that are in opposite colors to the aforementioned skirt and pants. It is a look I like to call Hippie cray cray chic.
Which is probably an insult to hippies and crazy people everywhere but there you have it.
feel free to pin this to your “style” Pinterest board. (you know you wanna!!)

There are some issues I will fight the good fight on. My kid’s safety, their character, their view of the world, their concept of God and self and others. But their clothes? Just not one of those issues and maybe just maybe this freedom will help her express herself, not to conform to other’s expectations of what she should wear, and not try to impress others or judge others based on choice in clothes.  Maybe my kids will even learn earlier than I did that wearing that IOU and acid wash Guess jeans perfectly tight rolled like everyone else will not make you a “cool kid.”
Here is to more bold choices in fashion & in life,